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We use a resource in school called Bounceback. It teaches children how to ‘bounce back’ when bad times arrive and gives them a hand to develop their personal resilience.

Younger ones learn the BOUNCE acronym.

Bad feelings always go way again

Other people can help you feel better if you talk to them

Unhelpful thinking makes you feel more upset

Nobody is perfect. Mistakes help you learn

Concentrate on the good things and have a laugh

Everybody feels sad and worried sometimes, not just you

Older ones learn the full BOUNCEBACK acronym.

Bad times don’t last. Things always get better. Stay optimistic.

Other people can help if you talk to them. Get a reality check.

Unhelpful thinking makes you feel more upset.

Nobody is perfect-not you or others.

Concentrate on the positives ( no matter how small) and use laughter.

Everybody experiences sadness, hurt, failure, rejection and setback sometimes. They are a normal part of life. Try not to personalise them.

Blame fairly- how much of what happened was because of you, how much was because of others and how much was because of bad luck or circumstances?

Accept the things you can’t change, but try to change what you can first.

Catastrophising exaggerates your worries. Don’t believe the worst possible picture.

Keep things in perspective. It’s only one part of your life.

Parents may like to access this leaflet from the makers of Bounceback here.